The garden of contrasts

Le jardin des contrastes

This garden achieves a union of the sun and the moon. It joins the YIN and the YANG.

It comprises two parts, conflicting and complimentary, like the universe.

On one side the sunny border, where warm colours explode, is the garden of the senses. It is the light, the exuberance . It is fire, gold and copper. It is our source of energy. Spring is reborn here. Very soon, Spires and Euphorbes glitter among the pale leaves of the evergreens. Later the Poenies will will arrive. “Souvenir de Maxime Cornu”, heavy and wild, yellow-gold and marked rose-pink, and splashed with the crimson of “Sang Lorrain”.

In summer the border is less spectacular, but the heavy perfume of the Magnolia, rivalled by the musk of the Roses can seduce us.

Asters, Helleniums, Rudbeckias, Sedums will display their small blue or bronze stars, to hold onto the sun for longer and longer, as the beautiful season declines.

On the other side, in the shade of the tall pine tree, there is a more discreet world. It is the domain of the spirit in all its moods.

That must be the reason. The rigorous shapes vary as if to signify that everything changes, everything is transformed.

But it is also a reverie: The vine pretends to be a cascade, flowing like water; The delicate perfume of Celine Forestier merges into the morning mist. Meanwhile its diaphanous complexion takes on the colour of honey. Is it a rose? Is it a fleeting shadow, almost unobserved? Or could it be a young sorceress in love, who has come to gather the magical herbs growing beneath the tree of knowledge.

Artemesia and Vervain, protecting us from the evil eye and forming part of the composition of the elixir of love, St. John’s Wort, herb of the sun, protecting us from the creatures of the shadows, which watches over the good progress of the spirits, the Fern, whose spores render us invisible, and so many more.