The garden’s antechamber

L'antichambre du jardin

To get to the first garden, you walk along a wide gravel path edged with the winter flowerbed and leading to an unusually placed bench. This in itself sums up the spirit of the garden. If you let yourself go and sit on the bench, facing nothing, mastering your impatience, you will experience the mystery of childhood again, when you followed Prince Charming to the castle of Sleeping Beauty with your heart pounding widly or when, on Christmas Eve, you opened the door just a little hoping to catch a glimpse of Father Christmas with his hood and his long white beard. Sitting on the bench, you will get carried away by the scents of flowers that you can not see but whose presence you can feel and you will also hear the murmur of water only to be discovered later. If you stay there a little longer, expectant, attracted to the unknown which is the most exciting part of pleasure, you awakened senses will arouse your sluggish imagination and will prepare you to enter the garden’s intimacy.