The rose garden

La roseraie

The first garden is dedicated to, and pays homage and respect to the king of flowers, and here it resides in its own dwelling. It is so beautiful. A single bloom may suffice…but which one? This one with its five petals? Or this other enormous flower, which goes on shedding petals for ever? In June its silken robe is resplendent, its perfume overcomes us, but even as it is stripped by the passage of time it retains the beauty of its thorns, its majestic bearing, the soft colours of its wooden stems and its leafy finery.

All our senses succumb to its enchantment. It intoxicates us, transports us. Do not hurry! Linger in its company. There, very close the fountain murmurs. The wind, in harmony blows through the hair of the joyous nymphs. Pan sighs in his retreat. Allow yourselves to be cradled for another moment, and yet another. Then when you are replete, enter the “Garden of the Moon”.