The garden of calm

Le jardin calme

This garden has long haunted our dreams. It has changed its appearance a hundred times.

…Here we needed a garden of leisure, where our gaze could idly rest. A garden where nothing impinges on our wandering thoughts. A garden designed for meditation and for passing the time.

It all developed from a weeping willow, a little incongruous, but essential, forbidding all symmetry.

Never pretending that we had created a Japanese garden, we were inspired by an old album of engravings, filled with serenity. We have moved mountains, but have favoured the foliage and ground cover, suggesting the presence of water and then choosing flowering plants. Camellias, Prunius, Magnolia, Azalea, bushy Peonies, and the astonishing “Prunius “Kojo Ne Mai”

The large Hydrangeas have retained the protective shade of the ash tree, protecting them from the summer sun. Under the Walnut tree a few Japanese Cultivars form the prelude to a collection Hydrangea Serrata Kyosumi, Kuren ai Nishiki. On the terrace below…. 3 small enigmatic fish rise from the deep. Take Care! Do not lean over! Remember Narcissus. “Thus is my soul lost in its own forest”

It is the hour of confrontation. The fish are the sphinx of the garden. Do not listen to their silent questions. Let us enter.