The garden of perfume

Le jardin des senteurs

Here we must sit for a moment. During this time, suspended, a bird comes to quench its thirst. Unless it be a fairy in disguise? Close your eyes. All gardens evoke a paradise lost. The elves wave their bells. Do not fear! The perfumes will protect you, they keep away evil spells. Some are honeyed, fruity, amber-like, spiced, evoking the Hesperides. Some are for the day and others enhanced by the night. There are perfumes for all seasons, Viburnum and Daphnia brave the winter. Hyacinths, Violets, Primulas open the procession of delights, rapidly joined by the Lilac and the moving Syringa Microphila with its heady perfume. Here, now are the irises, . An almost palpable evocation of powder-puffs of former times. And now extravagant summer is here. Sage, Lavender the legendary Hyssop. Carnations and their affected acid innocence . The Helycrisum , which occasionally, on summer days, abuses its power. The carnal and lascivious Lily. The Roses, infinitely wonderful and so many more. Like these strange and fragile plants, that spend the winter in the warmth and then display themselves haughtily before their rivals.

In October the modest Eleangus Ebbingei, until now unnoticed profits from the general lassitude to flower discretely and encompass us with its fragrance

There is much more to tell you!!! But, the other gardens are impatient...