Les Jardins devaient normalement ouvrir à partir du vendredi 16 avril mais, suite aux décisions du gouvernement pour cette crise sanitaire, l’ouverture de nos jardins est reportée, a priori, au vendredi 7 mai.
Nous en sommes évidemment les premiers désolés !!!
A très bientôt.

Attention ! Les horaires donnés par Google sont très souvent inexacts !!!

A little history...

The history of the"Gardens of la Mansonière" is the story of an encounter and the story of love at first sight.

An encounter with a village like no other, where the river winds through still granite rocks enlaced by its greenish meanders. Out of this unspoilt bond, man has extracted that creative faith which builds masterpieces. The touching Norman church, which from the top of a promontory, watches over a swarm of small red houses, reflects this spirit of fervor which Céneri was the first to feel, when he came from Italy in the eighth century in search of himself, .

This is also a story of love at first sight. That is what we experienced on a beautiful spring day in 1986, entering into what was still a quiet meadow, sparkling with light and, which we knew straightaway, was to become our family nest : "The Mansonière". Undoubtedly, the imposing majesty of the trees that exist in this place, had something to that.

The idea of the garden grew on us gradually - first for ourselves then later in a desire to share it with others. Encouraged by the discovery of English gardens and so many other wonderful things of which we did not even suspect their existence and we were especially guided by the unspeakable joy of creating and mixing our humble music with the great song of the world.

Couverture du livre

Just published:
A book on The Gardens of la Mansonière
(52 pages in French and English).
Text by Sonia Lesot, pictures by George Leveque
€ 12 including carriage.
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